10 Unique Features

Our goal is to make Smiles & Frowns™ the best tool to help busy parents create great behavior plans for their kids. Building it around our 5Cs was a great place to start, because it helped us create features you won't find in any other app.

But being parents ourselves, we also know how much time you want to spend mucking around with setting up apps. Zero, zilch, or less, if possible.

So here are 10 unique features that, while powerful, were designed to get you going in minutes:

  • Great preset boards: Get started fast with thoughtfully prebuilt boards like Around the House, Chores & More, Manners Please, Study Time, On the Road or Teacher's Helper.
  • Easily customized rewards: Rewards fall into four clear groups: money, time, treats and goals. We've included presets, and you can easily add your own.
  • A unique formula for success: Kids earn Smiles, but they can also earn Frowns. It's the difference between the two that lets them create their own rewards- buying power.
  • The ability to collaborate: Board creators can easily invite other parents, guardians or even the babysitter to a board. It's a team effort that gives kids one set of expectations.
  • Board syncing: Some apps have limited synching, but ours keeps each board in sync between its users, marking every Smile or Frown with a who, what and when.
  • Multi-board management: Behavior plans work best when they let you focus on particular behaviors, so it's easy to build multiple boards and easily switch between them.
  • Quick Notes: Whenever you award a Smile or Frown, you can also add a quick note. This can help make reviewing much more specific and effective.
  • A system for regular reviews: Reviewing a child's performance is a key way to reinforce expectations. So we make it easy to see, sort and review results.
  • Tools to export and share: Need to go over a child's behavior with a teacher, therapist or spouse? Our app lets you easily review, export and share results.
  • An Approach within an App: Whether it's a feature or a foundation, our 5Cs of Positive Reinforcement™ make this app a unique tool we hope you'll love.

In future posts, we'll break some of these features down in detail. By then, of course, we hope you'll have already experienced them firsthand!