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FB-you&teacherSeptember 8, 2016, 8 pm PST

How Teachers Can Use Smiles & Frowns for Individual Behavior Plans

As the new school year begins, please join us for a brief discussion on how Smiles & Frowns can be used by teacher to create and manage individual behavior plans for students. We'll just do a brief walk-through of the features of the app, including a short round-table discussion about "The 5Cs of Positive Reinforcement"™.

Topics we''ll discuss will include:

  • creating an account
  • setting up a "Teacher's Helper" board
  • customizing your board
  • inviting parents to a child's board
  • daily usage of the board
  • reviewing behavior and exporting results

Please RSVP to We'll send an individual login information so you can join our group discussion. Hope to see you there!

Thanks so much, and good luck out there!

The folks at Smiles & Frowns