Tips & Tricks


The Big Picture

We hope Smiles & Frowns is the best tool you’ll find to make great rewards charts that work. But the real goal is to help you create personal, positive connections with your kids as you work on behavior together.

So be sure to bring them into the process. When you set up a board, don’t forget to go over all of the behaviors together. Work with them to set rewards they want. Recognize their behavior every day. And above all else, be sure to review their progress with them regularly.

Soon you’ll see how all of the features work together to support Clarity, Consistency, Collaboration, Consequence and a sense of Challenge – the 5 Cs that we think matter most.




  • - Choosing a board

To find the board that’s right for you, browse a little first. Just tap on each of our boards and read the preview. When you’ve found the one you want, just tap again to select it.

  • - Naming your board

To customize the name of your board before you start using it, just type in the name field at the top of your board set-up screen. If you miss this at first, you can always change the name by editing the board later.

  • - Adding or deleting behaviors

Customizing the Smiles and Frowns on your board is easy. You can do this either during your initial board set-up screen, or by editing your board later.

To delete a behavior, just swipe left on that behave and tap the “Delete” button. To add, just tap the “Add Behavior” button and then select as many behaviors as you would like and then tap “Add Selected Behaviors”.

  • - Defining new behaviors

If a behavior you’d like to use does not exist, you can tap “Add Behavior”, then tap “Define Custom Behavior”. You’ll now be able to type in your new behavior, save it and add it to your board.


  • - Editing a board

Just tap the “Boards” button on the bottom navigation, and swipe left on the board you want to edit. Tap the “Edit” button, and you go to a screen where you can change the name of the board, the behaviors and the rewards. Tap “Done” to save changes and “Use Board” to make that board active.

  • - Resetting a board

To completely reset a board you’ve created, tap the “Boards” button in the lower navigation, then swipe left on the board you want to reset. Tap on the “Reset” button. This will return the board its starting state, with original behaviors and no people added to the board yet.


  • - How to accept an invite

To accept an invite to join a board, you’ll need to have the app installed on your device, and an account set up. If you’re new to Smiles & Frowns, you can follow the link that comes with your invitation.

Once you’re set, just tap the “Invites” button on the lower navigation and tap the “Enter Code” button. Enter your code in the following field, and in a few seconds, you’ll see the board you’ve just joined.

If you’ve been invited as a Parent, you’ll be fully free to edit the board. If you’ve been invited as a Guardian, you’ll be able to award Smiles & Frowns, but you won’t be able to change the board itself.




  • - Adding a Child

From your board, just tap on the orange +, select Child on the chooser, and enter his or her information. To add a picture, just tap on the face icon.

  • - Adding a Parent

From your board, just tap on the orange +, select Parent and enter the information for the person you want to invite. He or she will receive an email with a link to the app and a unique code to sync with your board.

  • - Adding a Guardian

From your board, just tap on the orange +, select Guardian and enter the information for the person you want to invite. He or she will receive an email with a link to the app and a unique code to sync with your board.


  • - Editing a Child’s profile

Just go to the board your child is on and swipe left on his or her row. You’ll have the option to edit or even delete your child’s profile.

  • - Editing your own profile 

Your own user profile is always accessible through the bottom nav menu. Just tap on Profile and make your adjustments.

  • - Editing a Parent or Guardian profile

Actually, you can’t, because they control their own on there devices. But you can remove them from a board by swiping left and tapping “Delete”.


  • - Deleting a Child

Just go to the board the Child is on and swipe left on his or her row. You’ll have the option to edit or even delete your child’s profile.

  • - Deleting a Parent or Guardian

Just go to the board the Parent or Guardian is on and swipe left on his or her row. You’ll have the option to delete them from the board. This will not delete their own account profile on their own device, but they well be disconnected from your board. If you want to reconnect them, just invite them again.




  • - Giving a Smile or Frown

Just tap on the Smile or the Frown in your child’s row and the list of behaviors will pop up. Simply select the behavior you want to award and then tap the “Give Smile/Give Frown” button.

  • - Adding behaviors to a board

If you don’t see the behavior you want when you go to give a Smile or Frown, you can tap the “+ New Behavior” button. Then just select the behavior you’re looking for from our master list, or tap “Define Custom Behavior” to create your own, which you can then add to your board.

  • - Adding a Note

This is a great feature that lets you add some context to a smile or frown, which really helps when your review performance. First, select a behavior, like “Good Job” and then tap the “Add a Note” field. The keyboard will pop up, and you can add a note, like “Helped carry in the groceries.” Then just tap the “Give Smile/Give Frown” button. Try tapping the microphone to use the dictation feature, too!


  • - Giving a reward

Tap on the spending icon on your child’s row, and then tap on the reward they want to “buy”. You can use the buttons to adjust the number of units you’re buying (10 minutes of video, 20 minutes, etc.) and then click the “Spend Smiles” button.

  • - Using the Max button

You can also use the “Max” button, which will give you the maximum units of that reward they can afford at the moment. It’s really a great way to use Smiles & Frowns to let kids earn their allowance. Just Max your Money reward, and you’ll know exactly how much to give them.

  • - Creating a new reward

To create you own reward, just go to the rewards screen, tap on the orange “+” button, select the type of reward you want to create. (You can have as many of each type as you want). Then just set the number of Smiles your new reward will “cost” and fill in the text field to define the reward itself.



  • - Reviewing history

Regular performance reviews – perhaps over week or every other week – is a key way to keep your kids involved and encouraged.

To review behavior, just tap on your child’s icon on any board, and you’ll get a screen that gives you three different views of performance. Each shows you all the Smiles and Frowns given, when and by whom. Any notes you added will also be visible here.

The “This Board Daily” gives you a daily view of the last two weeks. This is the best way to clearly go over exactly how they did over that time.

The “This Board Weekly” groups behaviors together in two week chunks, so you can get a clearer picture of strengths and weaknesses with specific behaviors.

Finally, the “All Boards Weekly” does the same thing, but gathers behaviors from all the boards that child is participating in at the moment.

  • - Exporting history 

Just navigate to your child’s review screen and tap “Export” in the top left corner. A PDF will be generated that you can then send to through email, text, etc. As we only keep a six-month history of behavior, we recommend you do this regularly for your own records.

  • - Resetting your Smile and Frown counts

After reviewing progress, it’s often really helpful to “wipe the slate clean” and give your kids another chance to earn more Smiles than Frowns.

This is key way to the sense of Challenge, because it gives your child another chance to “win”.

To do this, just go to your child’s row on a board and swipe left. You’ll have the option to reset the Smile & Frown count – without losing any of the spending Smiles they’ve earned.


Managing Multiple Boards

Finally, you might that you need more than one board to handle life. For instance, a general behavior board for all of your kids, but also a homework board for your new middle schooler, and a travel board for summer trips.

Never fear! Smiles & Frowns with built with fast board switching in mind. From any board, it’s just one click back to your full list of boards, and one click to get to the board you need. Boom. Done.